Tbilisi, 8 of June, 2022


Transitions are states of uninterrupted chains of layers that we go across somehow.

The nostos it is, in its more simple terminology, a/the return to somewhere we [used to] belong.

Travelling can also be simplified as a movement that aims at a change of location at a specific time and for a specific purpose.

Recently, after two months of absence, I returned to Tbilisi from Italy.

Gorgestan ski resort

Fereydunshar, 27 of December, 2019

Diaspora: dispersion: dissolution: a forced transplant: resiliance: memory.


Georgia became in a short time a personal thing. The designated limits of its dimension turned out to be a comfortable knitting and its borders special bridges connecting territories that haven’t been spoiled by the progress of the boring, unifying, and alienating globalization of the 21st century, made of white smiles and glimmer.

While Georgia could be compare to an observation tower from which to look the merge of peoples and cultures, Iran has remain loyal to its image of bellybutton of the world in spite of the big theocratic veil in which is covered.

Not always a trip comply with expectations and itineraries: often travelling is a collection of death hours, or is a bulimic activity, an excessive consume of places, things, foods, drinks, people, roads, smell..a nevrosis

The sweaty mountain

Kazbegi, end of March, 2019

I am deeply attracted to alleys, to secondary roads, to forgotten and shabby spaces, free from the petty influence of mass tourism.

Near to Gudauri, repaired from the luxurious ski resorts and hidden on the back of Kazbegi, the precious mecca of mountain lovers and internet likes, there is *** a village in almost total isolation in a marvellous gorge, surrounded by towers that are now fragments, behind gigantic peaks covered in snow and wrinkly pastures.


Tbilisi, first half of November, 2019

Far from the monumental avenues of the city center, from those other avenues that connect the outskirt of the city, a web of small road are interconnected: they compose sub-neighbourhoods: micro-cosmos.

Near the office where I work, in Nazaladevi – the name means taken by force – so in the area that was taken by force there is a small residential areas that constitutes a modular reality.

Still Nature

Tbilisi, early October, 2019

..mission failed to a kakhetian adventure: came too late to the marshutka.

I discovered the samgori bazaar: after the one in Station Square this one is quite special.