21 Nov 2019

Tbilisi, first half of November, 2019

Far from the monumental avenues of the city center, from those other avenues that connect the outskirt of the city, a web of small road are interconnected: they compose sub-neighbourhoods: micro-cosmos.

Near the office where I work, in Nazaladevi – the name means taken by force – so in the area that was taken by force there is a small residential areas that constitutes a modular reality.

Two particulars caught the eye: the roads are cover by vines: they form a leaves roof over the street; the streets are cover with chairs.

It is just one of many other chair realities: Tbilisi is a city of chair spots: wherever there is a sunny corner or a shady wall: chairs to rest.

Who walks have the right to sit down, to admire the slowniless with which lifes carries on in a city that appear frenetic, that works non stop, but that adores to sit down.

Tbilis is the city of chairs: an ode to resting.

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