Night Abstractions

12 Dec 2019

Tbilisi, Nights, 2019

The night here is a whirlpool: it gets sucked down the scenography of a city that does not show you anything stamped in its crooked walls: in Tbilisi all the fun is mostly underground, be it a classical music concert, an experimental electronic venue, a hip hop performance, an improvise party on a hill, a hard techno event, a funky disco night, an unexpected and extraordinary meeting up to the room of an overprice hotel with who could have been the one for the rest of life, a soulmate connection under the balcony vines, a friendship cultivated on the cracks of empty alleys, a pleasant winter re-encounter, a grotesque showcast of liveless spirits, a sad reminder of social divisions, a boring bar, an unexpected joint, obscure wines...

The night here is a stream of non consequential steps into the early glimpses of the morning or the full rise of the sun.

The night here is a complete hypnotic synthesis: either one that ends up in intricate dancing schemes, or pushing the weak to rest on a couch up to more proper tunes, or kicking the weakest home drunk and alone to wait a better turn next time.

Far away from the idea of a stinky cocktail, lousy music and the possibility of a sad hook up: absorbed under the skirt of the city, the soundtracks of the nightfall will keep anyone alive and away from the boredom of empty chats and tasteless drinks: the aim is to become a dancing bird otherwise keep the words to yourself, to your phone, to your instagram account.

The night here is a communal experience: no one is being judge beyond the face control: is all about having fun in its purest terms, liberating demons in the middle of a circle togheter with the death, the drug heads, next to sexy girls, to the sexier dancers, the obnoxious caucasian machos, the queer, the homosexual, the absent, the one like you, the drunken friends, oneself.

Round, and round, and round: walking between the fumes of dancing people: prayers of their own mystical pleasure.

A break, a splash of fresh air, cigarette clouds, a joke with a friend, a chaotic bathroom line, clugged toilets, tap water, couples akwardly fighting, couples akwardly loving, reserved disinhibition, hunger, khinkali, bed….

#Tbilisi  #Nightlife